On January 15, 2021, Trio Alfred den Ouden will release their first album "LIVE". This group around folk pioneer and the founder of the Dranouter festival, pays tribute to his almost 50 years old LP “Traditional folk music from French Flanders”.

Accompanied by the two highly skilled musicians Lode Bucsan and Gérald Ryckeboer, this music is provided with a new energy that they describe as “lower countries trad”. They are unique in the broad Flemish folk scene because of their approach to this repertoire.

Live they are at their best: an exquisite selection of well-known and lesser-known traditionals with juicy or interesting tidbits that Alfred has collected during his more than fifty-year career.

To get this energy on record, they chose to record it live. On the CD they are reinforced by: Antje den Ouden, Youra Marcus (Derroll Adams, La Chiffonie, ..) and Martina Diessner (Duo Ultreya).