Alfred den Ouden, folk pioneer and founder of the Dranouter Festival, returns with this project to his roots: traditional music from French Flanders.

With the help of the two experienced musicians Lode Bucsan on hurdy-gurdy and Gérald Ryckeboer on bagpipes, bouzouki and flutes, he brings this music in his well-known seventies vintage way.

The repertoire largely consists of the collection of songs that Edmond de Coussemaker published in 1865. Supplemented with other Flemish folk classics and a few of their own compositions, they call their music 'lower countries trad'.

This resulted in 2021 in their first full album that they recorded live. This CD recording is a tribute to Alfred's earlier vinyl record: 'Traditionele muziek uit Frans-Vlaanderen' from 1973. With this he was a pioneer by being the first to record this music and this sparked a real folk scene in the north of France.

They are at their best live, an excellent selection of well-known and lesser known Flemish folk songs. Interspersed with juicy stories from Alfred's career, this provides a nostalgic journey with laughter and tears through the folk landscape.